Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What's your mix

one of my favorite things to make during the holidays is Chex mix. I like to giveit as a gift and snack on it myself. It's easy and fun to make and a good activity to do with the kids and you can pimp it out however you want (like pimp my ride?).

In fact, I have some roasting in the oven right now. I have my own special mix that includes:

Rice Chex
Corn Chex
Wheat Chex
Puffed wheat (an addition from Jason's Grandmother...it is so good because it soaks up the juices)
Pretzel fish

I don't like nuts so that's why I substitute the other ingredients. oh, and I also like quadruple the sauce ingredients so that there is enough to really drench it.


1 comment:

Jason Egan said...

I don't know how you can get away with that. If it is good it it gone - the children scarf it up like air. If it is 'ok' or worse it doesn't get touched... well it gets touched a lot - played with actually - never eaten... very gross.