Monday, November 21, 2005

The gift that keeps on giving

Today was one of those days. The days when you just want to get back in bed and start all over.

Piper and Finn have not been sleeping well lately and I have been staying up too late and combine the two and = tired cranky mama. This does not translate well into dealing with a 2.5 year old. We had many things to do today and I started the day right by getting a shower and dressed head to toes before the girls were out of bed. That's where the positive ends.

Piper was less than cooperative when it came time to get dressed. Monday is library day for us and the books were actually due today so we had to go and storytime starts at 10am. At 9:15am I begin giving Piper warnings about how she needs to get her shoes on and be ready to go.

9:25am - no shoes on and spills yogurt literally all over her clothes

9:30am - yogurt cleaned off but no new outfit because why would I want to add more laundry? Still no shoes.

9:40am - We need to leave in 10 minutes and I am getting impatient with my dear sweet child because she still doesn't have her shoes on. I load the library books in the car and make sure I have my grocery list because after the library we go to the bank and then food shopping.

9:45am - in Piper's room telling her in a slightly raised voice that her choice is to put her shoes on herself or I will put them on. She has until I count to 3 to make her choice. One...Piper rolling around on the floor...two...throws her shoe across the room and proceeds to hop like a frog to get it...three...screaming and kicking ensues as I try to put her shoes on her feet, finally she puts them on herself when she sees me walking down the stairs towards the door to leave.

9:55am - en route to library and a little perturbed.

10:07am - only 7 minutes late and they haven't started yet, yeah!

10:10am to 10:25am - babytime/storytime during which Piper decides to crawl around like a baby making baby noises and embarrassing her mother. Finn decides to chase Piper and I am sitting in the circle sans children singing the stupid songs by myself.

10:30am - checkout library books that I pick out for Piper because she is too busy playing with a stuffed animal to notice there are books.

At this point I should've called it a day and admitted defeat and gone home to hang my head in shame, but being the fool I am I decided to press on.

We get to the bank and that's easy because it is drive-thru, no problem except that Piper is screaming at me to get her a red, no yellow, no red, no yellow lollipop.

Now to the hell that is grocery shopping with two children under the age of 3. I guess there is some holiday or something coming up because the grocery store was packed. Aisle to aisle nothing but gray, white, or blue hair and glaring faces. It wasn't so bad until Piper decided to start tackling Finn in the "race-cart".So, Finn has to be held while I am pushing and trying to maneuver the behemoth cart.

Out to the car without incident, load up the groceries in the back, shut the door, go to open the door for Piper to climb in and it is locked. Reach for my keys and...shittake mushrooms...I locked them in the car. with my cell phone.

At this point I want to cry. Just sit in the middle of the parking lot and sob but no can do with the kiddos. I make my way back up to the store to find a pay-phone when God steps in and puts in my path a friend of mine with a cell phone. Call Jason, tell him where I am and he says he'll be there in 20 minutes.

Walk down to the kids consignment shop, do a little Christmas shopping, and make our way back to the area outside the grocery store. Wait. Creepy guy is standing about 5 feet from us mumbling under his breath because I don't think he likes what Piper is doing but as long as Piper is not screaming, hurting her sister, or lighting anything or anyone on fire I don't care what she does.

Jason comes to save the day and lets us into the car. You would think that would be enough for one day, but did you read the title of the post?

Nap time was average but the real exciting part happened when the girls woke up. We usually play upstairs for a bit after they wake-up and today I had to fold some laundry so I got the girls playing nicely in Piper's room with all doors open so I could hear them. About 10 minutes later I hear the start of whimpering from Finn that turns into an all out cry. I go in to find...

Her entire head covered in sunscreen. Her head was white and creamy and greezzyy. Piper thought she needed some sun protection I guess. The really bad part of this is that Finn had gotten it on her hands and was rubbing her eyes. She was screaming and wouldn't open her eyes and kept rubbing them and I immediately put her in the tub and began to clean off her head and flush her eyes with water. I was scared.

She finally started to open her eyes while I was nursing her and she stopped crying. I called my dad (he is our pediatrician afterall) and he said as long as she stopped crying while she was nursing she would be fine.

Dinner was cereal.

Now, I am worn out and it is late again and Jason said as I was getting up to go to bed:

"Do you remember when I used to tell you that you reminded me of the little coppertone girl and her dog? Well now you smell like her too."


Jason Egan said...

pooor Shannon! I hope Jason is taking the morning off so you can sleep in!

BTW - I hope you got her the invisible colored lollipop at the bank... the one that you can't see or taste.

Jen said...

Ya see, it's posts like that that just push back my desires to bear children like 5 years!