Friday, November 18, 2005

In style

it's always sorta cool when you see someone on TV or in a movie wearing something that you have hanging up in your closet. It has happened to me a few times and it makes me feel like when i do haave the chance to look decent, I am actually in style!

That and having Piper do my makeup for me, wish i had a pic to share with you...I am sparkly and gooey and glittery and techno-colored!


Beth said...

Your in luck sparkly and glittery and techno-colored is back in style!! But you might want to do something about the gooey part! Ha!

Eric said...

First off all, I LOVE your style. It does feel good when you see someone famous wear what you are wearing, BUT you have such an original style because you wear things that are so much ahead of the game that you won't see everyone else wearing it. I'm not sure this is coming out like I mean, but whatever. Your style rocks. That's what I mean.

Second of all, I want a little girl SO badly, but I know I am destined for a lifetime of boys. I'm ok with that though because we will adopt our little girl last and it will be even better. I am not even seriously looking at girl names for our next kid. My youngest will be my little girl and watch out. She will be spoiled. For my little girl fix, I might need to have Piper do my make-up every now and then though.

shannon dowdell said...

you'll have to make an appoinment because she is in such high demand now that there is a 1 year wait. I might be able to fit you in early since you are a friend of the family.