Friday, November 11, 2005

New York City

I don't think I have been this excited in a long long time, well, probably since the day Finley was born...anyway...

I just finished making reservations at this really cool place and I already made the flight reservations (really cheap too, I might add) and we are going to NYC in December. Three whole nights!

We are going to a Knicks game and maybe a show and we are trying to get on Late Night with David Letterman and Good Morning America. Oh, and no kids, they are staying with Jason's parents. I am a little torn about that, I already miss them and it is still a month away.

It is going to be so cold and we are going to have so much fun! Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Central Park, Greenwich Village, SoHo, China Town,the Empire State Building, Barneys, Bloomies, FAO Schwartz the list goes on and on...

I haven't been to the city since I was in elementary school so if you have suggestions for sights to see, places to shop, or places to eat please let me know!!


Jason Egan said...

Are you nuts! You just went to an exotic island or a cool beach or something didn't you?... but I know it was ruined when you got back so maybe that doesn't count.

I'm jealous - really. Laurie and I really need to plan some great getaway but we have a really hard time getting our folks to commit to watching our children.

I don't think Laurie would be 'torn' about it one bit. Thing is I don't know where to go. Every time we think of some great place to go we think that we should be taking the kids because we really don't get out (as in vacation - well, ok... out... dates, movies, whatever...) that much. I'm sure you understand. I'm sure Jason's been pretty much in the same boat with owning his own business and all.

I think that Laurie would really like to go back to Massachusetts in the fall. I would like to take a train but the eastern seaboard. I’ve never been on a train, but that sounds like fun. We both miss the beach though.

Great… now I’m thinking of these fun things and … oooohhh man am I jealous!

shannon dowdell said...

Eat your heart out, Jason! Just kidding :)

Actually we did go to Curacao but that was in April/May...7 months ago...and we had the kids with us and went with my parents. And, well, you know what happened when we got back.

So, Jason had a conference in NYC a couple of months ago and then decided he wanted to take me and I wanted to go closer to Christmas for all the ambiance. This trip is definitely more for me, I think.

You know, Jason and I also try to have a regular date night, you should try to do that with Laurie. Most of the time we go out after the girls are in bed so they don't even know we're gone.

Trains are so much fun! That is the only way we used to travel the Northeast when I was little because my mom was afraid to fly. Mass in the fall is beautiful, I'm sure, but then you would have to wait until next year because it is already past the pretty fall part, you know? I say go somewhere tropical in January to get away from the cold. I've been to almost everywhere in the Carribbean so if you want suggestions just ask. Half the fun is planning the trip.

You could always visit FL!

Jen said...

Shannon, I am so happy you guys are going to NYC! You totally deserve some quality time together. All of my "must see" places include food, but go to Serendity's for some Frozen Hot Chocolate, find the place that only sells french fries, called "Pomme Frites". Must see any Broadway play and ofcourse get a totally touristy picture in front of the Christmas tree! Evan and I are going in September and we cannot wait. I will do some research and let you know what else I come up with!