Friday, December 30, 2005

New Pics

while Jason is watching "Revenge of the Nerds Part 4" I uploaded some new pictures here. I will be adding more from our trip to NYC and Christmas, but it takes so stinkin long that I'm tired now.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year (early) (because lately we can't seem to do anything on time) with love from our family to yours.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

2 Days

Yes, we leave for NYC in 2 days and I have a whole list of things I have yet to accomplish:

1. Worry about leaving the girls

2. Pack 4 people - Me, Jason (yes, I pack for him), Piper, and Finley

3. Grocery shop for various food items that the girls will need - ie soy milk and oatmeal

4. Freak out about leaving the girls

5. laundry, laundry, and more laundry

6. Did I mention I am extremely nervous about leaving the girls - like that queezy feeling you get in your stomach because you are so incredibly anxious

7. Wrap some presents so they are done

8. Finish Christmas shopping

9. I am leaving my BABIES. ALONE. WITHOUT. ME.

10. Clean the entire house from top to bottom

so, do you think I will get it all done?

By the way, I have some things I really want to write about but I have not had the time or the motivation to get it done. Maybe I will blog from NYC, but maybe I will just be too busy having fun and worrying about my babies. Did I mention that we are leaving them here?

oh, and NOBODY has given me any suggestions of what to do, where to go, or where to eat while in the big apple. Come on people. I will blame you all if I don't have a good time! You have 2 days. Get busy.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Testing, testing...1...2..3

Is this thing still on?

Anybody? Anybody?

Bueller. Bueller.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Day

A young gentleman came riding past
On a snow blue winter's day
He asked to drink, by our fire,
And I was pleased to let him stay
He drank there quietly for a while,
Then he turned and said to me
Your eyes are green, like summer grass,
Your lips are red like a fresh cut rose,
Your hair is soft like an Irish stream
And your voice is filled with sweet beauty

And the last words I heard him say
Were "I shall return, for you, my love, on Christmas Day"

The night will come but I won't sleep,
As I watch the stars that lead him,
I cannot place where his is,
But still my heart goes with him,
I'm savin all my Sunday clothes
For the day that I'll be leavin
Father knows, my sister knows,
And my friends, they're happy for me
And the priest he says, you should thank God,
For the blessing of such beauty,

And the last words I heard him say
Were "I shall return for you, my love, on Christmas Day"

I shall return for you, my love, on Christmas Day.
And the last words I heard him say

Were the last words I ever heard him say
I shall return for you, my love, on Christmas Day

I swear, I will return on Christmas day,
And yes, I shall return on Christmas day

I shall return, for you, on Christmas day,
My love I will return on Christmas day,

I shall return, my love on Christmas day
On Christmas day...