Sunday, November 06, 2005

Favorite things about Finley

In honor of my little bird's first birthday...

* Short labor - so short in fact that there was no time for drugs and your Grandpaw almost didn't make it in time for the delivery. Checked into the hospital at 12:15am and you arrived at 12:50am.

* Breastfeeding - you took to it like a champ and haven't quit since and although I say that I really want to wean, secretly I love our special time together that just you and I share. If and when you wean, I know that it will be harder on me than on you because it signals you growing up and becoming more independent and you won't need me as much anymore.

* You were a surprise. I had only weaned your sister 2 weeks earlier and ***SURPRISE*** you were on your way, and what a sweet surprise you turned out to be, my love.

* You are a wiggleworm and I swear that you have not sat still unless you are sleeping since you were born. You keep me on my toes and by the end of the day, I collapse in exhaustion and satisfaction from the great day that we shared.

* You love love love your big sister. When she walks in the room, your face lights up and a smile flashes across your face. You laugh with her and at her and you are learning to stick up for yourself and not let her push you around. You will be great friends and you are already on your way.

* As excited as you are to see Piper, multiply that times a million and that is how excited you are to see your daddy. And, oh does he love you. You wrestle together and laugh and act silly and crazy. I love to watch you play together and have fun, and just recently you have become really attached to him and cry whenever he leaves. Although I hate to see you sad, it's nice to see how much you love your papa.

* The only thing that absolutely works to calm you down when nothing else works is to sing The B-I-B-L-E. Sing it loud and clap and you have one happy little girl.

* You are like a garbage disposal when it comes to food. Put it in front of you and you'll eat it or at least out it in your mouth until it is sufficiently mushy and then spit it out all over and down your shirt.

* You have a great sense of adventure. You explore any way you can and are not afraid to try new things and attempt anything you physically can. I have to keep a constant watch on you because who knows, you could wind up climbing up the bookcases or swimming in the toilet.

* You have an infectious smile.

* You are learning and doing something new every day. From "dada" and "mama" to "pu-pa" (piper) and "uh-oh" almost walking and always bouncing and dancing, your life is new and exciting every morning.

* I love the way you curl up into your little ball when I put you down for your nap or for bed. You scoot your little legs up under your belly and let out a big sigh and go to sleep.

Finley, you are so special and unique. From the time I found out I was pregnant to your birth until now, your first birthday you have blessed my life and our family's life. Love you little Birdie.

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