Thursday, December 06, 2007


so with names like Piper and Finley, you can't just name him Brian so here's our short list. I will let you in on a secret, though, we pretty much have already decided...


Piper is insisting that his name is Michael so I think he will have a double middle name: Michael Grimm. Grimm is my mother's maiden name and, yes, she is a relative of those Grimms, the ones who wrote the fairy tales and I have always wanted to use Grimm but is just didn't seem to work with girls.

So, betcha can't guess which we've chosen?

and I'll post more about reactions and such later because I think is will be a novel and I don't have time for novels right now!

and because all our baby bedding is pink and flowery I think we'll be going with one of these:

they're both by Dwell and I'm leaning towards the transportation one because it matches Jason's Christmas present.