Thursday, June 22, 2006


haven't posted in a while because honestly i am really tired and really busy, but Bekah tagged me so I will not disappoint:

List TEN songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if
they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Jack Johnson - upside down, broken, constellations
2. Snow Patrol - open your eyes
3. the magnetic field - 100,000 fireflies
4. the sundays - summertime, she, where the story ends, wild horses
5. rem - nightswimming
6. bob marley - stir it up
7. david gray - from here you can almost see the sea
8. ben harper and jack johnson - my own two hands
9. beach boys - don't worry baby
10.the fray - she is

so, our lists are fairly similar, must mean that bekah has pretty good taste in music, or maybe it's me? right.

and i thought i'd post some pictures from the past few months (can you tell how tired i am, i can't even be bothered to capitalize). and i have been sewing, but unfortunately, not taking many pictures of my projects which have mainly been gifts for various birthdays, holidays, and babies. i love babies. it almost makes me want to be preggers again right now...almost...did i mention how tired i am? we've spent the past week at vacation bible school which has been much fun and jason and i will be leaving next week for our very own trip by ourselves for our 5 year anniversary that we celebrated in may. every afternoon has been consumed by going to the gym and then coming home to swim since it's like 100* and our pool is be-u-ti-ful. then more holidays and trips and then its time for school to start. and i want a new pretty blog.

ok, pictures of my kids who are so darn cute i can hardly stand it:

really looks like they are enjoying themselves!

piper and jason on the tube

sticky, juicy, cold and oh so good


piper's last day of school "hanging out" with her friend lauren

little finn

row row row your boat

bye now

Friday, June 02, 2006


We have just returned from a very long overdue mini-vacation. We visited my brother and his family in Alabama for Memorial Day week and had heaps of fun. Highlights:

Although the first day we tried to go on their boat at a new lake it rained (more like it was a monsoon), the next day was beautiful and Piper actually took a ride in the tube behind the boat. I was so proud of her because it is really unlike her to do something like that, but I rode with her the first time and she told me she wanted to ride the whole lake. Later on before her second turn i asked her who she wanted to ride with and she said she wanted to ride "all by myself", not exactly an option so she rode with Jason and when she started going she immediately gave the thumbs up which meant to go faster! She's changing and turning into this independent Bug, I don't know, it also means that we have been butting heads more frequently.

I got a couple of days of shopping with my sister-in-law by oourselves, which is very rare and very appreciated! I came home with a large bag of fabric andSusan gave me a pattern and I have already made one dress for Piper. Also hit Anthropologie...trouble I tell you!

Piper and Finley had their first taste of riding in this trailer/buggy type thing while Jason took them on a few bike rides and now we're thinking for Father's Day, maybe some new bikes so we can exercise together as a family.

We all went to see "Over the Hedge" together. It was funny, although not the funniest I've seen. The girls loved it of course.

Great food, good friends, loving family and a 10 hour drive.

I will post pictures to flickr soon.

Onto summer plans. I had these lofty ambitions of having a theme for each month of the summer and we would do all kinds of activities, crafts, read books, take field trips and yada yada yada to do with that theme. It makes me laugh now. I do have one project for sure that I am going to do and that is to make my own grocery bags so i don't have to use the plastic or paper ones. I figure I'll make one/week and by the end of the summer I'll have more than enough to haul our food. It is a small something, but it is something. I'm 80% done with the first bag already.

We will go tons of places and do tons of things and make tons of crafts and my other project is to take tons of pictures. I love summer, it's my favorite.