Tuesday, November 22, 2005


You have to tell me if you think this is as creepy as I did.

We went to our local mall tonight because the discount shoe store was having a BOGO(HO) sale (buy one get one half off) and Jason and I both needed new sneakers.

I found a pair and Jason did not (he's really picky) so he wanted to try a couple other places forgoing our chance at the BOGOHO. On our way into the department store we passed the "sit on Santa's lap" kiosk (are you kidding me, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, why do we need to rush our lives...another topic for another day). Anyway, I guess the Santa was bored because he was butting into our family.

"Ho, ho,ho" he said, and other Santa-y stuff. He then gave the girls each a candy cane and then...

He asked Piper for a hug. "Can I have a little hug?" he said in a whiny creepy shrill tone.

That is when I got creeped out. And I hold a firm belief that women have a sixth sense when it comes to stuff like this.

But I didn't want Piper to be freaked out by Santa so I watched him give her the hug keeping a very diligent eye on where his hands were.

Isn't that sad that in this day and age you have to worry about that stuff? Of course if you are a Santa in a mall or anywhere else for God's sake don't act so creepy!



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I vote creepy... yeah... moms do have a 6th sense.