Monday, November 21, 2005

Contentsof shopping trip

I previously reported that I was going to spend a day shopping with a friend and I was very successful.

2 pairs of "Lucky" jeans - maybe I'll get lucky when he sees me in them! sorry, pun intended. I am on an eternal quest for a couple things - the perfect travel mug, the perfect sunglasses, and the perfect jeans...these come close.

1 beautiful dressy coat from oout favorite 80's store - Benetton

From the Gap - green courduroy pea coat, cream cable sweater, dark teal really soft cardigan, 2 long sleeve tees, scarf.

this sweater

1 pair brown boots, 1 pair black boots (cheap fake leather ones - $60 for both)

cashmere sweater for jason and a really cool scarf

that's all I can remember. I did get fitted by a "fit specialist" to buy some new boulder holders but haven't done that yet.


Jason Egan said...

I was waiting for the report... whew... now I can go to sleep ;) (seriously, I was just about to comment on your shopping post)

Really... lucky jeans to get lucky in... ok... and the pea coat to... oh... oops! My bad.

You know, I’m not sure you got enough to keep you warm when you come skiing in Park City – I think you'll need a little more. Unless you’re one of those skiers that stay in the lodge all day. Hey wait… I never asked if you ski… do you? [take foot out of mouth]

I’m glad you were able to get away with a friend… better clothes shopping with a friend than food shopping with the blue hair crowd you had to endure today I imagine!

I’ve been waiting for Jason’s report on how his day at school was. I’ll bug him tomorrow.

Jason Egan said...

um... it was very late - er... early... please excuse my alter ego - comes out after midnight and is really rather obnoxious at times.

Remember to take loads of pics on your NYC trip!