Thursday, November 03, 2005

What I'm Doing Now

Here are some of the things that I am currently "into" can answer the same on your own blog if you like?

Currently listening to:

Well, it seems that I have been feeling nostalgic for my college years because I have been listening to some old Dave Matthews and Counting Crows. There is never a bad time to listen to these bands, in my opinion. I have also been listening to the new David Gray which is calming and relaxing as always. Some songs I have sought out on my ipod have been "Yellow Taxi" by Matt Costa, "No Other Way" by Jack Johnson and the classic "Under Pressure" - Queen and Bowie. But, my current favorite song, and you're gonna laugh, is an acoustic unplugged version of "Missing You" performed by John Waite. Yes, I am serious.

And the girls have been listening to "Songs for Wiggleworms" by Various Artists. I like it because it doesn't make me want to rip my ears off and throw up, you know?

I got most of these from itunes.

Currently Reading: (because you should always have a great stack of books on your nightstand)

I just finished The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank. I am a fan of her's from The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing (one of my favorite books of all time) and this book did not disappoint. Definitely a "chick" book, but worth the read. If you want to borrow my copy and save purchasing it, you can leave a comment with your email and we'll go from there. The story follows a woman through her life from about elementary school on and I could definitely relate to her plight. Funny and poignant and very easy to read.

So, since I just finished that, I moved onto the new Jennifer Weiner, Goodnight Nobody . I am liking it so far only at chapter 4. Seems a little "Desperate Housewives"ish and funny. I read Little Earthquakes and that gave me faith in this author. AND, she has a blog. Cool.

Piper, Finn, and I have checked out numerous books from the library (we go on Mondays) and this past week we brought home Sheep Don't Count Sheep, The Hello Goodbye Window, and I See A Song...those are just 3 of the like thousand we checked out. We read 2 every night.

Jason is reading The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil. That's his thing, although he tells me about it and it seems very interesting.

Current favorite candy: (since we have like 84 pounds of it here form Halloween)

Mine - Starbursts and M&Ms

Piper - some honey caramel EXTREMELY sticky thing

Finley - got into my bowl of Halloween M&Ms I had out on the coffee table for guests and they seem to be her favorite.

Jason - you'll have to ask him, but I suspect that he will eat whatever Piper worked to get because it tastes so much sweeter when it's free.

Current favorite picture of the girls:

Current Guilty Pleasure Blog Read:

Celebrity Babies

Conversations About Famous People

Current project(s)

Well, this weekend we are taking up the indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch because it is nasty, and since the weather has been gorgeous I would like to set stuff up out there for the girls to play...painting, water play, bubbles, etc. And since it is screened in, they will be contained.

Next, Finley will be one next Monday (be prepared for sappy, wet with tears post) and I have to finish preparing for her party which will be the following Saturday. I love birthday parties (or is it birthday presents?).

Craft-wise I am working (knitting) on a funky pink scarf for Piper and then I will start in on Christmas gift that I plan to make...problem is I'm not sure what I'm gonna do there? I also need to start thinking about Christmas cards and such which makes me realize that I need to learn how to use photoshop.

I am also thinking about changing up my blog, HHHMMMMM.

I think the project list could go on and on. And on. on. Did I mention that Jason quit his job and started his own company?

Current favorite thing to do with the kids:

Walking the dog with the girls in the beautiful weather

Reading to Piper

Setting up obstacle courses out of pillows for Finn and watching her work her way up and down and rolling around and occasionally landing on her head (she'll be fine).

Current Competition:

Blogfighting with Jason Egan and his "Can Do Attitude"

Maybe I bored you, maybe you got some ideas or suggestions. Make your own list.

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Jason Egan said...

That's it - I LOVE your lists and am stealing your idea!