Friday, November 04, 2005

Too. tired. to. post. BUT? I have to. win. Take that, jason!

One time when we were driving to Captiva, Florida for our summer family vacation our car was struck by lightning and it blew out the radio along with a tire and shredded the wind-surfing sails that were strapped to the top of the car.

Another time we were in the Cayman Islands and there was this dining table that was made of glass. The whole thing was glass and my dad was setting up a puzzle or game or something and the table just collapsed and shattered into tiny pieces. That same vacation, our wave-runners were stolen from our house.

On another trip to Captiva, we were on a boat and had brought one of those big beach umbrellas to shield us from the sun while we were fishing and it blew into the ocean. Well, my dad jumped in after it and when he got it he just stayed there treading water. But, what we soon realized was that the umbrella was open and so was filling with water and dragging him down. Yeah, he was drowning but he wouldn't let go of the umbrella.

We took a cruise in the middle of a tropical storm.

We went on a surfing trip to a remote island in the Bahamas and the house we stayed in had no windows or doors, hence no AC and moths the size of soccer balls. But, the boys did surf naked.

While Jason and I were on our honeymoon to Costa Rica, we were greeted by a man who said he was a "taxi driver" and took our luggage and was walking us to his "taxi" when he was surrounded by police. We quietly took our luggage and found out that the taxis are run by the government and all the drivers wear uniforms. Nice to know!

These are just a few of our adventures while traveling. There are many more as it seems that we always seem to get into trouble in one way or another.

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stay home :)

My travels aren't nearly as interesting as that!