Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finley Claire

I just uploaded a ton of pictures from Finn's first birthday. We had a small fmaily party on the actual day of the party and then I had a party planned for Saturday but both Birdie and Bug had nasty green snotty noses so we improvised and had a get together at the park. I had already ordered the cake and balloons so I just everyone to stop bu if they wanted. It turned out to be awesome and we had great fun with bubbles and silly string and cake and presents. It was a beautiful day to celebrate my beautiful girl.

And this last one of Jason is well, just funny.

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Jason Egan said...

So funny - and cute!

I just posted about my kids dirty faces and there you go... I will have to put a few pics up on flickr and add them.

That is great!!!

Happy birthday Finley!