Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Snug as a Bug

It gets really frustrating when you have to keep going upstairs to put your child back in bed. We are in the midst of that battle with Piper. She requires us to put her back in her bed at least 5 times and even then Jason usually lays down with her until she is asleep and then I have to go up there and wake him up because he inevitably falls asleep inthe process. He calls it his "nap" so he can stay up late and work.

Did I mention he started his own company?

Anyway, Jason is at a Lab School meeting tonight that I am not attending because I feel like doo-doo and so it was my solitary job to put Piper to bed. And, sheis medicated (for a cold, really) and had no nap today so you'd think she'd be exhausted, right?

I have now been up there a total of 3 times but this last time, well, she just knows how to twist my heart up, you know? I am putting her back in bed and I say, "Piper, you need to stay in bed. I am not going to come back up here and put you back in bed. Stay in your bed. I love you, goodnight."

She rolls over and through her thumb in her mouth says, "I love you Mama. I need to give you a kiss." And she kisses and kisses and kisses.

Manipulation? Yes. Did it work? Of course. I love that Bug.

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Jason Egan said...

Yeah, I take that 'nap' with my kids as well. Seth takes about 10 times to go to sleep, it is frustrating. I know it will end some time... and he plays the same trick - 'I love you' stuff, but I think the hardest thing is he's our last one and so we give in and let him do it. Heck, nothing really works except taking him back to bed time after time after time.