Thursday, November 24, 2005

Count your blessings

My family - without them my life would lack definition

Piper - my first-born, my sunshine

Finley - my joy and lesson in slowing down

Jason - supporter, partner, biggest fan, lover, comic relief

For friends and family hear and scattered that love on us and keep us grounded. You keep things in persepctive and give us friendship and community.

For our parents who teach us and give us role models to mold our development as parents and teachers ourselves. It goes without saying that we are so grateful for your guidance and support and could never repay all that you have done.

For life...the old and the new. "Babies are such a nice way to start people"

We are thankful for the everyday and the extraordinary. For God's undeserved grace and His deserved times of trials to teach us things we have forgotten.

I pray that you are blessed with a joy-filled day of family, food, and gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving

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