Thursday, November 17, 2005

Apology and stuff

So sorry for the pity party yesterday. Enough.
I have these 2 shoeboxes on the very top shelf in our closet and they are filled with memories of me and jason. I'll give you a peek inside.

Contents of the boxes:

List of story ideas for a series of children's books that I want to eventually write...might be in another lifetime but it will happen.

A gift certificate for "Jason and Shannon Gowdell" to the Island Inn in Sanibel Island, parents gave us a minivacation there as a Christmas gift in 2001. We had a great time there.

A class picture from my first year teaching (the class from hell, but not as bad as the following year), the same year we were married. I had long hair and the dog chewed up the picture on the bottom corner.

picture of the first volleyball team I coached, also chewed.

ticket stub from the Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons 12-28-01. That was my Christmas gift to jason that year.

receipts from the tuxedos rented for our wedding

other various ticket stubs - nelly furtado (3-16-02) FSUvs. NC State (11-10-01) James Taylor (6-1-01) Brevard Manatees vs. Fort Myers Miracle (6-23-01)

brochures, maps, receipts, itineraries from our honeymoon to Costa Rica

various forms of birth control that my MOM bought for me for our honeymoon because I had just started the "pill" and wasn't sure that it would be effective. Really. Gross.

2 pairs of sunglasses, one with no lenses

some "love dice" that you roll and it comes up with stupid things for you to do, let's try it - Roll #1 Fast and furious smooch, Roll #2 wrestle massage, Roll #3 hugs now. Lame

And 2 cards that I gave Jason for halloween, don't know when but I'm guessing it was before children. Written inside the cards - "I love you and I hope you have a fun Satan's Day" and "Eventhough you hate me...I love you"


Anonymous said...

You don't have to apologize for the pity party. Everyone has them..
Just remember your not alone!

I have a boxed filled with letters that David & I have written to each other over the past 4 years that I love to look back on..also a trunk filled with memories of my son growing up that always brings a smile to my face.

Eric said...


The halloween cards made me laugh out loud!!!!! I'm still chuckling.

Jason Egan said...

I used to have 2 boxes (big boxes) full of that stuff... man, you would be surprised with the stuff that was in there... letters from old girlfriends, dates, prom pictures, just junk... I chucked it all. I almost regretted it... once... very briefly.

I would be a big fat liar if I didn't say I had some of that old stuff laying around somewhere... but I don't know where it is.

Now my box is small... it has the teeth my children have lost and that is about it. Is that wierd? I think I'll put something new in it this weekend.

You taught school!? WOW... a mother and a teacher?! Um... you're hero for today. Those are the two hardest jobs on the planet!

Shannon - you are an inspiration to others.