Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dutch Oven

In our little family there are times when we will be in bed and can't help but let a fart escape, but the trick is to let is simmer uner the covers until just the right moment and then time the release. You can either let it creep out slowly or you can fan the covers in triumph. This lovely act is called the "Dutch Oven" in our family.


Jason putting Piper to bed

Piper looks up at Jason: "Daddy, I need the covers down."

Jason: "Why do you need the covers down, Piper?"

Piper (pushing the covers off): "You smel that, Daddy? I farted! It's a stinky fart!"

End Scene

At least we're teaching her something, our little prodigy. I'm so proud.


Scott said...

You oughta try the "trap them under the covers" trick sometime too. You know, where you pull the covers up over there head and pin them inside. That is always a lovely one. :)

Jason Egan said...

That is soooo funny!

Good idea Scott!