Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Things you might not know about me

1. if you want to get me to try or do something all you have to say is "I bet you can't..."

2. i am adopted

3. i am a slob...seriously, a slob of the highest order

4. i have taken prozac for depression

5. i have been married for 4 years 5.5 months

6. it is sometimes too much trouble for me to capitalize me "i"s

7. when i was little i wanted to change my name to stephanie (as in stephanie zannoni in grease 2)

8. one time when i was about 10 years old, i answered the phone at home and the person on the other end said they were the casting director for Les Miserables in NYC on BROADWAY and that they needed some extras for the show and would I be interested? turns out the person on the other end of the phone was my dad...not funny.

9. i LOVE fast food...especially french fries!

10. now this last one is hard for me to admit because no one out side the family knows this story because I have been too embarassed to tell it but here it is:

one morning we had this evangelisim drive at our church where they taught us how to present the gospel going door to door. Now, this is definitely not my style, but then we were sent outin groups to go down a street in our area and invite people to our church and witnes to them. We had a big greasy breakfast and then we were off. My group was me, Jason, and my dad. It started out easy enough and people were nice, but then I felt it. That rumble in your stomach that you know means trouble. The cramps were so bad that I had to stop and squat on the ground. My only hope was that one of the people we had talked with would let me in their home to use their bathroom. Thankfully, someone did but it turned out to be not soon enough. As I was running up the stairs i was so relieved to be finding a bathroom that my body signaled itself to relieve itself. Yeah, I didn't make it. I pooped in my pants. I pooped all over their bathroom and I treid to clean it up. There wasn't really a chance that these people would visit our church any time soon.


Jason Egan said...

You have done similar lists like this before and I have been thinking of doing the same thing (copy) because it is such a good idea and lets our readers know a little bit more about us but after #10 I just don't know if I could do it. I... i... i... am at a loss of words... that took some real guts! WOW!

Rob Barac said...

Awesome idea Mrs Dowdell. I posted my own up too.

rob (aka barbarac)