Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leaving the nest

Tomorrow is Piper's big day, her first day of preschool. We've been preparing for this day for the past couple weeks, reading books, talking about what she'll do at school, seeing friends that she will be going to school with, meeting her teacher, and visiting the school.

I'll write more and have pictures tomorrow, now, I'm tired.

And sad.

Living in Twilight
The Weepies

You look darkly on the day,
with memories to light your way.
A little sad but it's all right.
We always living in twilight.

No one knocks upon your door
until you don't care anymore.
A little alone but it's all right.
We are always living in twilight.

Living in a dream,
walking in between the sunrise and sunset.
Living in a dream,
walking in between sunset and sunrise.

You get tied up in your day,
so I let go and walk away.
And now we're loose ends of the night.
We are always living in twilight.

So it goes,
though no one knows you like they used to do.
Have a drink, the sky is sinking toward a deeper blue.
And you're still all right,
step out into twilight.

So i stumble home at night
like I've stumbled through my life,
with ghosts and visions in my sight.
We are always living in twilight

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so, sew

with ernesto looming and school cancelled and everything closed and a horrific amount of pain from a pinched nerve in my neck or back or shoulder, finally an update with pictures of some of the sewing i've been doing. Please excuse the incredibly lousy pictures...the lighting is bad and apparently I don't know how to take pictures of non-living things.

First, this bag that I call my "Back to school bag" inspired by this lovely crafter. The handles are measuring tapes.

You can find a very helpful tutorial here and you can make your own or comission me to make one for you! It would be my pleasure :)

Next, a gift made for a little friend of Piper's for her birthday. She is three now and needed a "3" t-shirt. She is one of Piper's more "girly" friends and very into the whole princess thing so the princess fabric was found and made into a little backpack using this tutorial and then she had to have a marker roll and art pad to carry around as a sort of little art-on-the-go kit. I'm loving the little embellished t-shirts I've been doing for birthdays. These are more examples of others doing the t-shirt thing...

the marker roll. I had made one of these for Piper a while back and couldn't remember what I had used at the thing to make it sturdy (i'm so technical here) so I used this heavy interfacing for this one and it turned out to stiff for my taste but it gets the job done.

and a dress for Piper sewn a while back. it is reversible and the inside is a cute paper dolls fabric.

more to come when i have time to fiddle with the camera and figure out how to make my work "say cheese". Oh, I almost forgot, I sold my first bag this week and was comissioned for another one from someone else who saw the first one. Although, I think this woman may just be being nice, jason says that when people part with their money it isn't about just being "nice". I'm excited. we'll see.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


from kellie

August 2001:

How old were you? 22

Where did you work? kindergarten teacher at a private school

Where did you live? Florida

Where did you hang out? home

How was your hair style? chin length bob, really ugly

Did you wear glasses? no

Who was your best friend? jason

Who was your regular-person crush? jason

How many tattoos did you have? 0

How many piercings did you have? 4

What car did you drive? ford explorer sport

What was your favorite band/group? U2

What was your worst fear? failure

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? yes

Had you driven yet? yes

Had you been arrested? no

Had you been to a real party yet? yes

Had your heart broken? not so much but i had broken a few

Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: married 3 months

August 2006

How old are you? 27

What grade are you in? eventually going back to school but i don't know when

Where do you go to school? labschool

Where do you work? home

Where do you live? florida

Where do you hang out? home, my monthly bunko game, fabric stores, labschool

Do you have braces? no

Do you wear glasses? no

Who are your best friends? jason and kelly (we were best friends in high school and then not so much and now best friends again and i'm so happy about that)

Still talk to any of your old friends? yes

Who is your celebrity crush? hmm, nobody really...Jason is really hot so i don't need a celebrity, he's my celebrity

How many piercings do you have? still 4 (2 in both ears although i rarely wear earrings) and i want to get my nose pierced but i'm too chicken

How many tattoos? 0

What kind of car do you have? Land Rover LR3

What is your favorite band/group? U2

What is your biggest fear? anything that has to do with the safety and well being of my family and still failure

Have you been arrested since if so how many times total? 0

Has your heart been broken? since then? not so much, but my heart breaks a little each time I have to leave my girls and they are sad

Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: so totally married

Thursday, August 24, 2006

There's nothing like it...

an afternoon thunderstorm

a bag of hot popped organic popcorn

a family movie

and a warm snuggle on the couch with my girls...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

so i am watching project runway and if you watch it you know that commercial for loreal true match makeup with the makeup artist guy giving you a lesson on "flawless daytime makeup"? well his voice has some weird click in it and well, he looks sort of odd.

he creeps me out.

really. i have to close my eyes and plug my ears and hum a little tune or turn the channel because seriously, he gives me the heebie jeebies.

and also it is so not cool for jeff to be making angela's mom cry.

so. not. cool.

When jason is away...

So, Jason is out of town, again, this time in Philadelphia which makes me burstout into "PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM" which scares my children, and I have about 34 minutes until project runway starts andI should be getting the girls stuff together for tomorrow morning but, nah, i don't really feel like being productive.

I thought I might make a list of the things I want/need to make and then realized that most of these things need to be made before Saturday. hhmmmmm...

my list:
1. Backpack, marker roll, smock, t-shirt - for friend of Piper, birthday party Sat.
2. marker roll - ditto friend, ditto party Sat

(***both of these parties are at the same dress up place at different times on Saturday***)

ps - the 2nd marker roll friend's mother told us no gifts so is it wrong to take him just a teeny tiny little's his birthday...please?

3. Finish machine-made patchwork purse (i hate that word - purse - ) for my mom - need to quilt one side and do lining and straps and sew it all up
4. Frame print for my mom - birhday on Sunday
5.make peach cobbler for BBQ/pool party on Sunday with friends (none of which have children and actually only 2 other married couples, should be interesting since I am constantly feeling like a living form of birth control around non married, childless people)

other than that, I got my first custom order this week for a tote/toddler bag. I'm trying not to get too excited about it, but someone is actually willing to pay me for making them a bag, itis pretty dang awesome. I just hope she is pleased with her purchase and tells all her friends.

23 minutes left...

I turned down the job I was offered this week. it was a very part time job that I would love, however the pay was only about $1200/year after the expense of childcare and it just isn't the right time for my family. I really have a peace and relief about the decision I made and that I actually made a decision. And now that i got that custom order, i think I may just give the sewing thing a good try. And I do believe that the opportunity will be presented again and hopefully at the right time for me to accept.

I love labschool. it is just so awesome and modern in an old-fashioned kind of way. Piper starts preschool next week and Finley starts the toddler program the week after that, we visited the school today and they are so excited. You know when you can see their whole body smile?, it was that kind of joy and excitement.

I'll leave you with this, my new favorite thought:

"it's never too late to be what you might have been"

I wish you well

Monday, August 21, 2006

- Azure Ray

It's just a simple line
I can still hear it all of the time
If i can just hold on tonight
I know that nothing
Nothing survives
Nothing survives

I think i'm turned around
I'm looking up
Not looking down
And when i'm standing still
Watching you run
Watching you fall
Fall into me

Am i making something worthwhile out of this place
Am i making something worthwhile out of this chase
I am displaced
I am displaced

And she's my friend of all friends
She's still here when everyone's gone
She doesn't have to say a thing
We'll just keep laughing all night long
All night long

Am i making something worthwhile out of this place
Am i making something worthwhile out of this chase
I am displaced
I am displaced

It's just a simple line
I can still hear it all of the time
If i can just hold on tonight
I know that no one
No one survives
No one survives.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


some recent and not so recent sewing projects that you can't really see due to the attitude problems with the models...

seriously, what's up with the faces?

like the blouse, like the cute cropped wide leg pants, not sure if i like them together, overkill with the matchy-matchy?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

before i forget

i have to get these things down before they become that thought that I can't quite remember:

#1 - last night as jason was preparing for his weekly tennis match with my dad and his dentist he mentioned to Piper that he was getting ready to leave for tennis with Grandpaw and could she pray for him that he beats grandpaw and mr. rick (the dentist). So Piper "lays hands" on Jason's shoulders, bows her head, closes her eyes and prays,

"GOD! please help daddy to beat grandpaw and that other guy at tennis tonight...amen."

funny thing is, he did beat them...ask and you shall receive.

#2 - tonight at dinner Piper says -

"DAD! do you see my bookmark?"

"what Piper?"

"my bookmark, Dad, do you see it, my bookmark?"

"your bookmark? what bookmark?"

"on my arm, right here, my bookmark!"

"Oh, yes, I see your birthmark right there on your arm"

"yeah, my bookmark"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Piper Speak

overheard in our house:

"Mom, do you know who made your big boobs? God. God made you the biggest boobs and He talks to me in my heart."

to Finley while in the bathtub:

"Finley, do you have any questions about the muffin man?"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006


recently (as in yesterday) I spoke with someone I hadn't spoken to in a couple weeks and the first thing she asked me was, are you pregnant?

then, I was talking to jason who is in California and he said that he had run into Jennifer Laycock (hi jennifer!) who is pregnant and she asked him if I was pregnant?

And, my best friend is pregnant ( woohoo kelly!)

kinda makes me want to get pregnant...

well,not really...

but maybe...

shannon? hello? remember the wedding you're in and the 10 year high school reunion both next summer? get skinny, remember?

BUT, if I was pregnant then I would have and excuse to be fat, and if I got pregnant right now then I would have a little bit of time to lose the weight before these events and if a celebrity can do it (with thehelp of a personal trainer and working out 24 hours a day and a personal chef) than I can definitley do it (with a baby attached to my boob). Oh, and the cleavage from the nursing boobs!

no, no, no, not right now (keep telling myself that)


from kellie...

1. Start Time: 6:35 AM
2. Name: shannon
3. Nickname: sha - but only a very few people call me this
4. Astrology sign: picese
5. Gender: Female
7. Hair color: light brown
8. Eye color: green, hazel, sometimes grey
10. Favorite color: blue/green - think water in the caribbean
11. Glasses: no
13. tattoos: no
14. birthplace: daytona beach, florida
15. Single or taken: taken
16. Siblings names: sean, corey, matt

******HAVE YOU EVER*****

17. Cut your own hair? yes
18. Did something in the past month that you will regret? no
19. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? not sure what this means
20. Skipped school? yes
22. Bungee jumped? no
24. Punched someone? yes
25. Cheated on someone? yes
26. Been arrested? no
27. Broken into someone's house? my own
31. Been to a funeral? yes
32. Used a lighter? yes
33. Been on stage? yes


34. Season: summer
35. Food: brownies
37. School subject(s): math and english
38. candy: m&ms
39. Breakfast cereal: corn flakes at the moment
41. Book(s): The Girls Guide to HUnting and Fishing - Melissa Bank
42. Movie(s): don't know
43. Song(s): "all i want is you" -U2
44. Park: rotary in south MI - Piper calls it the treehouse park
45. State: FLORIDA
46. Place: beach
47. Sport to watch on TV: college football
50. Letter(s): S, P, F, J
51. Favorite fast food restaurant: wendys
52. Disney Princess: if I have to pick one - aerial
53. TV station: bravo
54. Name for a son: bodhi, thatcher, barnabas, henry, charlie
55. Name for a daughter: piper, finley, charlotte, adelaide

******DO YOU PREFER*****

56. Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
57. Alcoholic or non? alcohol
58. Long relationships or one night stands? long relationships
59. Dogs or cats? both
60. Scary movies or comedies? either
61. Short or long hair? short
62. croutons or bacon bits? croutons

64. Mexicans: our landscapers
65. School: exciting
67. Cows: moooo
68. Canada: vacation
70. Hand: change the world


71. Talked on the phone? yes
72. Watched a movie? yes
73. Cried? no
74. Smoked? no
75. Drank a glass of water? yes
76. Done Drugs? no
77. Read a book or magazine? yes
78. Watched TV? yes
79. Looked in the mirror? yes
80. Taken a shower? yes
81. Taken a picture? yes
82. Listened to music? yes
83. Told someone you love them? yes
84. end time: 6:45 AM - good lord why am I awake?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Piper Speak

"ok mama, let's see how tall you are..."

(fiddling with some sort of tape measure thing)

"ok, you're 100 years pounds."


I kinda sorta got offered a job last night, hmmm.

Jason is in San Jose, California this week for the SES Conference, don't you just feel so sorry for him? Poor guy has to eat out at fancy places and hob-nob with fancy people and go to some kind of dance.

Finley sat on the little potty for 15 minutes the other day and then promptly peed on the floor when she stood up.

My vacation was one of the most realxing vacations I have ever been on, more on that later.

We had our front and back yards re-landscaped the past two days and they managed to cut not only the cable line but also the phone line and my cell phone was dead. Nice.

But the yards look fantastic, pictures to come.

I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks, and it shows. DId I read somewhere that it takes 6 weeks to show improvement and only two weeks to get out of shape? Two steps forward, three steps back.

Piper now has a job chart which includes "wipe my own booty" as one of the jobs. I haven't had to wiped her booty since starting the job chart.

On the schedule today:
A trip to the library with the most unfriendly and unhelpful childrens librarians where I need to return 2 overdue books that I happened to "find" and pay for one book that was lost in the grocery store and check out new books and make sure to count how many there are to avoid our previous experience. I've had this dream to open a children's bookstore kind of like the one in that movie "You've got Mail" with Meg Ryan. I would be nice and very helpful.

Take a refreshing dip in the pool since we haven't been in the past 2 days due to workers being ever present.

water the new plants.

Recover dining room chair. I'm doing one at a time because I get bored quickly. I did the first one yesterday and it looks good, I'll post pics later. I got this dining room set, table and 6 chairs, for $50 at goodwill and it is kind of mid-century modern and very cool.

clean, and I mean really clean, the family room which may involve a trip to the good will to drop off some stuff including some clothes that I weeded out of my dresser. I'm just so bad about getting attached to things for really stupid reasons like "Oh, I wore that shirt that one time when i saw a cloud shaped like a dinosaur." LAME.

Make appointment for Finley's 18 month check up since she's you know, 21 months old.

What we're into lately:

eats - I've come up with a new sandwich wrap thing that I'm really enjoying right now that consists of a flour tortilla, roasted red pepper hummus, chicken breast and romaine. very simple and very simple.

music - the ipod is usually on shuffle but these songs have been causing me to make a new playlist of current favorites -
For the Windows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens
Living in Twilight - The Weepies
Stars - The weepies
where the streets have no name - U2
trouble me - 10,000 maniacs
look after you - the fray
make this go on forever- snow patrol
stay (faraway so close) - U2
all i want is you - U2
Campfire Song - 10,000 Maniacs
various death cab
various donovan frankenreiter

sewing sewing sewing...lots to share, I should really take some pictures!

school...first days and new supplies

ok, enough, let's go to the unpleasnt library where they give us dirty looks!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006