Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mr. Romance

So I fell asleep last night while Jason was watching 24. It is a good show but I haven't been following it so I wasn't interested and I was exhausted. This morning after the girls both ended up in our bed from waking up at the god-awful time of 6:30am, I turned on the tv so I could find out what the weather was going to be like today.

To my surprise the tv was on the "oxygen" channel from being left on it last night. I turn to Jason and ask him what he was watching before he went to bed? He hesitates and mumbles, "Mr. Romance." This is a new reality show that we saw previews for and had made fun of the night before. The goal of the show is to "find" the next "Mr. Romance," like Fabio. So, there are all these over-tanned, orange, long haired beef-cake like men competing for the cover of a romance novel.

We saw this preview on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night we went out to dinner with some friends, my best friend from high school. She is a newlywed and they don't have any kids yet but are expecting to begin the process in the next year. Her husband and my husband were talking and it went something like this:

Scene: Waiting area of restaurant where Jason has just received his beer.

R: "So how many more are you going to have?"
J: "Beers?"
R: "No, kids."
J: "Oh, Shannon wants to have 1 more and adopt 2, but I would be happy with just our 2 girls."
End scene.

Later that night we are in bed and Jason says to me,"So, when do you want to start trying for the next one?"

Now, I was somewhat taken by surprise because Jason doesn't really ever talk about stuff like that, especially with all the stress he has with work right now, but I was also a little bit like "You are so sexy right now because you are being so sensitive and sweet and cute."

So, I tell him that when he talks like that it is very romantic to me and I love it and love him and he says,"Well, isn't it funny that you think that is romantic and there is that show where they think all that gross stuff is romance."


My Mr. Romance is sort of tall, skinny, losing his hair, smart, and is only competing for something he has already won...my heart.

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