Tuesday, March 22, 2005

lists, lists, lists

on my list of things to blog about...you vote and I'll post in order of popularity:

  • the "Brut" incident at the grocery store
  • the art show we attended with pictures
  • piper singing into the beer bottle
  • jobs and computers
  • my wierd SAT dream
  • crate and barrel

there you go...vote away and if I don't get any votes, I'll just do them in any order I want.


Jason Dowdell said...

Brut Incident followed by weird SAT dream cause I had an ACT dream and beer bottle.

Adam Compton said...

Aly and I would like to hear about the Brut incident and then Piper singing into the beer bottle :)

Beka said...

most deff' the Brut incident first. yea then Piper singing into the Beer bottle... that sounds funny.

Eric said...

I want to hear them all and most importantly I want pictures. :-)

Noah Compton said...

The Brut incident, the beer bottle, the Art show (due to pics always being a good thing), the SAT dream, computers and jobs, then Crate and Barrel. They all spark interest in my mind but the "Brut" experience cannot wait…it is too funnay. ;)