Monday, March 07, 2005

The Deed is Done

Hip hip hooray! The Decrapi is its place is a blue beauty named Jetta. Well, that isn't her permanent name, I'm taking suggestions. She gets 34-46 mpg due to the fact that she is a diesel. We have already got the car seats in the back and now I have my own personal massager due to my daughters feet kicking my seat incessantly. We love it and we love the life that is being simplified as a direct result of this trade. It feels good to know that we no longer owe like $340000000 on a car that we hate. We weren't expecting to buy a car on Saturday, but the deal was good and the car was there. My savy husband negotiated a deal to get the car for $500 below invoice and we didn't have to pay anything to get out of "The Beast." They took the Decrapi as a trade in sight unseen. I have to say that God really worked His way through this, you know?

So , now you will see me riding around town all granola like and relaxed.

On another note, my birthday is tomorrow and it's weird how I feel about it. Usually, as anyone can tell you, I am over the top excited about my b-day, but this year it just seems kind of like a chore. Maybe it's that I'm getting older? I don't know. Maybe it's that when you get past college, you no longer really have a party? That is one thing I miss, although when you have kids you get to relive all that but it still isn't quite the same. Maybe I'll have a party next year.

We went to a crap...I mean yesterday. Enough said about that, although I think they should call is a junk show. Piper had fun at the park, and here are some pictures for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Shannon!

I do like the new "Jettalot." I am sure you will find it easier to make the quick trip to the store and whatnot with your new econo-mobius. I can relate going from the nasty loud F-150 to the nice quite subaru... lol:)

And of course Happy Birthday from Tiffany and I.

ps. I had to post as anonymous because blogger cannot send my passwerd to my correct email:(

Anonymous said...

Good volkswagen bora post!

Anonymous said...

wow, so that was lucky God was hanging out at the VW dealership. I guess he wasn't due in church until the next day, so a little car shopping miracle tickled his fancy.

I'd give a little more credit to your husband, and possibly the good folks at the VW dealership. Getting you a good deal on a car seems pretty freaking mundane for the almighty, even on a saturday.

If the deal had gone the other way, would that be Satan working as salesman? Would God be involved if you were getting a car with WORSE gas mileage? Or is it the diesel that is immaculate? We all know it's not the Germans...