Tuesday, August 02, 2005


So, vacation, yeah. well. uhm.

We left on Saturday morning before the sun woke up thinking we are going to make really good time because it was a 10 hour trip. The car was gassed up and loaded and everyone had gone to the bathroom so we were ready to go!

Everything was smooth until we hit Atlanta. Then we stopped. Accident. Interstate closed. We were in the car for over 3 hours without moving. There was one highlight - next to us was a delivery type truck and in the passenger seat was a man with a bandana thing on his head and Piper looked over at him and said, "Look, Mama, a pirate."

Finally they directed us onto an on ramp in the opposite direction and we had to figure out our way from there. We puttered along and finally got passed Atlanta about 4 hours later than we had anticipated. The girls were not happy.

Piper: "I don't want vacation. I want to go home. I'm not having a rockin good time."

What could be worse than that? How about getting lost. In the dark. On the back-roads of North Carolina. In the mountains.

All in all our 10 hour trip turned into a 17 hour trip and was not he best way to start our relaxing week away.

When we did finally arrive at the house we were greeted by all my family and told that we needed to tour the house o pick what room we wanted for the week. Apparently only 2 of the 6 bedrooms were air conditioned and one of the bedrooms was not livable because of an "odor" problem that seemed to originate with a "mold" problem that seemed to originate with a "water damage" problem.

Then there were the bathrooms. They look like they hadn't been cleaned in, well, they looked like they hadn't been cleaned EVER. There was black mold and gunk all over.

Needless to say, it was not what we were used to when it came to vacation homes. Other than that, however we had a very nice time. Lakehouses are not my favorite...it's not surprise that I'd rather be at the beach... but Jason and I did get to go white water rafting, which I love and we had so much fun. My oldest brother Sean guided our raft and that was way more fun than having a real guide. We also hung out on Sean's boat and Jason did some wakeboarding and tubing that I only heard stories about.

Piper and Finn go to know their cousins and aunts and uncles more and it was a nice reunion time for our family. We went "gem mining" and tried to fish but were rained out. We did a lot of swimming and lazing around and the trip back only took a little over 10 hours and was actually a very nice ride home.

It was hot and humid and fun and togetherness.

check out the pictures here.


Eric said...

The traffic, mold, dirt, no air conditioning things suck. The family time is awesome. I'm glad you guys had fun. Welcome back.

Noah Compton said...

Hahaha that Pirate comment is hilarious. Good to hear everything ended up working out.

Rob Barac said...

Hi Shannon,

Anne and I just took our first long weekend away with our little 1 month old and it was awesome... outside of the tears, nappy changes and regular stops for feeding (A 5 hour drive becomes 8 very easily!!).

All in all it was one of the best weekends we have ever had, and we did it together.

I guess in the end that's all that counts.