Friday, August 19, 2005

Future Stylist

I have been letting Piper pick out her own clothes recently because it is better than dealing with wrestling a toddler to the ground while she is screaming and kicking me because she doesn't want the "blue" shirt but the "pink ballerina dress." Anyway, the funny thing about it is she will get something out and say "oh no, this doesn't match" and it will be the one outfit that DOES match and then she'll pick something else and say "oh my, this is beautiful. it's gorgeous, mama?" Yes, honey. I don't care about the stares we get wherever we child has unique style and personality and I would have it no other way. She has so little control over many of the decision in her life right now that it is nice to give her some power and choice.


george540dylon said...
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Eric said...

First of all, I love that you are letting Piper dress her self. Most parents don't understand that giving them some kind of control is wonderful for them.

Second, send me your e-mail. I lost it and want to tell you about Jagger and school and see if you want to get a coffee/tea some night this week.