Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A bad case of the Mondays

So I have been feeling sort of blah lately. School has started and the girls are going to Mom's Day Out 2 days a week and we have ballet class 1 day a week and at the end of the month labschool will start and then we will have committments every morning of the week except Fridays. Busy, an my girls are under 3 years old. I like the busy-ness because it helps keep me organized because when you have so much crap to do you have no choice other than to be organized.

On top of that the girls are sick, well, have been sick for 2 weeks. Fun. Now, Piper is on antibiotics...again...can we ever get well? Maybe we have some sort of immune super-disease that htey are always telling you is going to wipe out the whole world when it gets over here from Asia or Europe or wherever it is lying dormant waiting to strike. Oh, the drama.

We went to the church that we belong to on Sunday (we haven't been to that church in like a month and even then it was only 1 Sunday and we hadn't been before that in like 6 weeks) and during the "meet and greet" time people were coming up to us and making comments like, "oh, we missed you" - translation - where have you been?, are you leaving the church?, are you taking drugs? and things like "Oh, I haven't seen you in so long!" and then giving me the look like..."explain yourself!" So, I found myself making excuses for my family "we've been out of town" (true) "we've been sick" (also true) but they kept giving "the look" and I kept stammering on about who knows what until the next person would come over to "greet" me and the cycle began again. I felt so welcomed.

A lot of my frineds are pregnant and it makes me want to be pregnant again, for like half of a second,and then I remember that i can't remember anything because I get no sleep and I can hold off on the pregnant thing for a while. I miss it, though. The first feelings of exhilaration when you see the two lines or read the "pregnant" on that new digital thing. And then the feeling of the cold tile while you are throwing up. And then those first flutters or hearing the fast beating of the heart. Then seeing the little bean on the ultrasound. Feeling your belly grow and stretch. Getting to eat whatever you want and not worry about getting fat.There are definite advantages to being gives youa built in excuse for just about anything - don't want to cook dinner - "I can't cook because the smells make me want to hurl" this excuse also works for cleaning the frige or going grocery shopping. Don't want to clean the house "I can't clean because I can't bend over like thatand reach things and my doctor said that I need to be extra careful because with all this extra weight my balance is off" or "the fumes from the cleaning product make me want to hurl" The "makes me want to hurl" can be applied to just about anything.

Finn is crawling EVERYWHERE now. This is good and bad. Good - she occupies herself for longer periods of time and can get to what she wants. Bad - what she wants is usually me and now she can get to me wherever I am and then try to climb up my leg while I'm wrestling around with raw chicken or something. It will not be longbefore she is walking and that makes me a little nervous.

Piper is such a little girl a kid instead of a baby. She is smart and clever too. She knows more than I teach her and can manipulate with the best of 'em. She is sweet and loving and cuddly and soft.

Life goes on even when you have the "blahs" and I guess it is my choice to turn my "blahs" into "blahmenade."


Jason Dowdell said...

You know that makes me want to buy On the bright side, it's now Tuesday.

Love you!

~jason [aka "I fall asleep when I put Piper down every night now"]

shannon dowdell said...

honey, it's wednesday

Danielle said...

Oh my two are so funny! Very comical. On another note, i had a sick kid too. That's why we haven't made it to mom's day out. Hopefully tomorrow. So...maybe i'll see you there! :)