Sunday, January 02, 2005


I thought I would share some highlights from this Christmas season with my family.

  • Piper had the chance to make Christmas cookies and spend some time with her Great Grandmother Emma and her Aunt Jennifer. Piper's cookies were unique and fun was had by all.
  • The Christmas Eve service at our church was Finley's first "outing," and she was wonderful.
  • Piper was often up past her bedtime and would venture into "delirious mode" in which she would spin around in circles until she fell down, and then she would do it all over again. Kind of how her daddy acts when he's had one too many.
  • If it was a Dora toy, piece of clothing, or anything else...Piper now owns it...She has resorted to calling her Dora dolls "New Dora," "Old Dora," "Bubble bath Dora," The list goes on...
  • Receiving a picture of Jason's brother Jonah in his camo and a Santa hat (he's in Iraq)
  • Spending Christmas afternoon with Jason's family...all 14 of us...and watching Piper guard her presents
  • Watching Piper play with her cousins Patrick and Katie
  • Visiting with cousins Dick and Sharyn
  • Ringing in the New Year with friends Nicole and Jeff and family

These are only a few of the highlights. Christmas in only one of the two times a year that I get to see my entire family and that makes it very special.

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