Sunday, January 02, 2005

Bedtime Prayers

I know I have posted 3 times tonight, but both of the kids are asleep and the house is picked up so now is the time.

So, we have started saying bedtime prayers with Piper before we put her down for the night and we ask her who she wants to pray for and the list usually goes something like this... in this order:

1. Dora (cartoon character)
2. Boots (Dora's sidekick)
3. Zoe (our dog)
4. Meow (Wingnut...our cat)
5. Daddy
6. Baby sister

And then the last ones vary, but recently she has concluded with:
7. the moon
8. Money

I believe her father taught her that as well as other wonderful tidbits (see previous post about tooting).

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Eric said...


That is so cute. I can just imagine Piper saying her prayers. Your christmas card was adorable and Jagger pulls it off the fridge all the time to look at it. Finley is gorgeous and reminds me of Piper when she was just born.

Let's get together soon.