Tuesday, January 25, 2005


It is winter in Florida. I think it was 30 here this morning and that is extremely cold for the people who have thin blood. It is a beautiful day, though, sunny and close to 65 now. Hopefully we'll have weather like this on Saturday for Piper's birthday party.

Poor girl, she has a cold. It's a good thing that she takes medicine like it's candy.

I can't believe that she is going to be 2 years old. My baby. She is growing up way too fast for me, but it is so exciting to watch her discover new things, learn new words, and negotiate her world (in which she is the center, of course). It is difficult to watch her try to become more independent and I have to say it hurts a little when she pushes me away and wants to do things on her own, but it also makes me feel good that she is going to be strong and independent but also loving and affectionate. She is so smart and so beautiful.

And Finley is developing such a personality. She loves, loves, loves her big sister. She face just lights up when she sees Piper. I love her laugh. It's like a squeal that just builds up inside her and bursts out and surprises everyone, even her. Her eyes are so bright, and she is so happy and sweet. I find myself just wanting to sqeeze her. She looks at you and in her face you can see that she wants to talk or communicate with you so badly and she gets so excited.

We are so in trouble with these two girls. They just melt me.

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