Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When jason is away...

So, Jason is out of town, again, this time in Philadelphia which makes me burstout into "PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM" which scares my children, and I have about 34 minutes until project runway starts andI should be getting the girls stuff together for tomorrow morning but, nah, i don't really feel like being productive.

I thought I might make a list of the things I want/need to make and then realized that most of these things need to be made before Saturday. hhmmmmm...

my list:
1. Backpack, marker roll, smock, t-shirt - for friend of Piper, birthday party Sat.
2. marker roll - ditto friend, ditto party Sat

(***both of these parties are at the same dress up place at different times on Saturday***)

ps - the 2nd marker roll friend's mother told us no gifts so is it wrong to take him just a teeny tiny little's his birthday...please?

3. Finish machine-made patchwork purse (i hate that word - purse - ) for my mom - need to quilt one side and do lining and straps and sew it all up
4. Frame print for my mom - birhday on Sunday
5.make peach cobbler for BBQ/pool party on Sunday with friends (none of which have children and actually only 2 other married couples, should be interesting since I am constantly feeling like a living form of birth control around non married, childless people)

other than that, I got my first custom order this week for a tote/toddler bag. I'm trying not to get too excited about it, but someone is actually willing to pay me for making them a bag, itis pretty dang awesome. I just hope she is pleased with her purchase and tells all her friends.

23 minutes left...

I turned down the job I was offered this week. it was a very part time job that I would love, however the pay was only about $1200/year after the expense of childcare and it just isn't the right time for my family. I really have a peace and relief about the decision I made and that I actually made a decision. And now that i got that custom order, i think I may just give the sewing thing a good try. And I do believe that the opportunity will be presented again and hopefully at the right time for me to accept.

I love labschool. it is just so awesome and modern in an old-fashioned kind of way. Piper starts preschool next week and Finley starts the toddler program the week after that, we visited the school today and they are so excited. You know when you can see their whole body smile?, it was that kind of joy and excitement.

I'll leave you with this, my new favorite thought:

"it's never too late to be what you might have been"

I wish you well

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Sally said...

My mom makes a lot of crafts and I recently sent her a link to a site that is like eBay for homemade items. The site is called Etsy and can be found online at I'd be really interested to read a review of it from a crafter. Maybe a good blog post?