Thursday, August 10, 2006


recently (as in yesterday) I spoke with someone I hadn't spoken to in a couple weeks and the first thing she asked me was, are you pregnant?

then, I was talking to jason who is in California and he said that he had run into Jennifer Laycock (hi jennifer!) who is pregnant and she asked him if I was pregnant?

And, my best friend is pregnant ( woohoo kelly!)

kinda makes me want to get pregnant...

well,not really...

but maybe...

shannon? hello? remember the wedding you're in and the 10 year high school reunion both next summer? get skinny, remember?

BUT, if I was pregnant then I would have and excuse to be fat, and if I got pregnant right now then I would have a little bit of time to lose the weight before these events and if a celebrity can do it (with thehelp of a personal trainer and working out 24 hours a day and a personal chef) than I can definitley do it (with a baby attached to my boob). Oh, and the cleavage from the nursing boobs!

no, no, no, not right now (keep telling myself that)

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Jennifer said...

Ha! Yeah, so you aren't...yet. ;)

The reason I asked is because just before I ran into Jason, I ran into Marshall from About/NY Times... his wife was pregnant back when I was with Nora and you were with Finley. Anyway...when he found out I was pregnant again, he was all "hey! we're having another one too!!"

Thus, when I immediately ran into Jason...well, it was just too wierd. ;)

Anyway...he says you're supposed to be emailing get emailing girl!