Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so, sew

with ernesto looming and school cancelled and everything closed and a horrific amount of pain from a pinched nerve in my neck or back or shoulder, finally an update with pictures of some of the sewing i've been doing. Please excuse the incredibly lousy pictures...the lighting is bad and apparently I don't know how to take pictures of non-living things.

First, this bag that I call my "Back to school bag" inspired by this lovely crafter. The handles are measuring tapes.

You can find a very helpful tutorial here and you can make your own or comission me to make one for you! It would be my pleasure :)

Next, a gift made for a little friend of Piper's for her birthday. She is three now and needed a "3" t-shirt. She is one of Piper's more "girly" friends and very into the whole princess thing so the princess fabric was found and made into a little backpack using this tutorial and then she had to have a marker roll and art pad to carry around as a sort of little art-on-the-go kit. I'm loving the little embellished t-shirts I've been doing for birthdays. These are more examples of others doing the t-shirt thing...

the marker roll. I had made one of these for Piper a while back and couldn't remember what I had used at the thing to make it sturdy (i'm so technical here) so I used this heavy interfacing for this one and it turned out to stiff for my taste but it gets the job done.

and a dress for Piper sewn a while back. it is reversible and the inside is a cute paper dolls fabric.

more to come when i have time to fiddle with the camera and figure out how to make my work "say cheese". Oh, I almost forgot, I sold my first bag this week and was comissioned for another one from someone else who saw the first one. Although, I think this woman may just be being nice, jason says that when people part with their money it isn't about just being "nice". I'm excited. we'll see.


molly said...

wow, shannon, you have been busy! fantastic stuff. I LOVE that dress you made for piper. so cute!

Eric said...

Absolutely awesome stuff. Shannon, you are so talented and I def. see this as something that is could take off.

It must be so exciting.

Eric said...

Oh, yeah, it's kellie, not eric. lol.

Jason Dowdell said...

Shannon freakin rocks when it comes to making awesome stuff. From the blanket I tuck Finley into bed with each night to the dresses Piper and Finley wore to church Sunday to the marker holder for Piper's markers... it's all amazing.

It's so cool to me to see my wife get noticed for one of her talents by people not living in our household. One day the world will wake up and see what's been there all along. The best part is watching Shannon discover her hidden talents she never knew she had.

You rock honey!

blair said...

Your version of the bag is so lovely!

Beth said...

I love it all but I love, love, love the reversible dress you made for Piper! Makes me wish I had a little girl!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable drees! I made a Christmas one for my granddaughter, but ran into some problems when I turned it inside out. Did you leave a hole in the hem?