Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leaving the nest

Tomorrow is Piper's big day, her first day of preschool. We've been preparing for this day for the past couple weeks, reading books, talking about what she'll do at school, seeing friends that she will be going to school with, meeting her teacher, and visiting the school.

I'll write more and have pictures tomorrow, now, I'm tired.

And sad.

Living in Twilight
The Weepies

You look darkly on the day,
with memories to light your way.
A little sad but it's all right.
We always living in twilight.

No one knocks upon your door
until you don't care anymore.
A little alone but it's all right.
We are always living in twilight.

Living in a dream,
walking in between the sunrise and sunset.
Living in a dream,
walking in between sunset and sunrise.

You get tied up in your day,
so I let go and walk away.
And now we're loose ends of the night.
We are always living in twilight.

So it goes,
though no one knows you like they used to do.
Have a drink, the sky is sinking toward a deeper blue.
And you're still all right,
step out into twilight.

So i stumble home at night
like I've stumbled through my life,
with ghosts and visions in my sight.
We are always living in twilight


Beth said...

Happy 1st day of school Piper!! Try to hold back the tears Shannon. Sometimes I think it is so much harder for us then it is for them!

Kellie said...

How did it go?

Rebekah said...

This is an Essay Michelle wrote for her Miami application. I thought of you when I read it.

There are many people in my life that have had a significant influence to me, but only a few that stand out. One of those few people was my neighbor, Jennifer Krug. She was like another big sister. I always looked up to and wanted to be just like her. Jennifer would always help me and play with me, even though I was the youngest in the neighborhood.

Jennifer was a very well rounded young woman. She was always looking out for everyone else. She was always trying to make things better and right. She was in the process of changing her sorority. Instead of a typical sorority with all the drinking and parties, it was becoming a study sorority with the focus on education.

With all of her goals and aspirations, she always took time to spend with her mom and brother. Plus she took time out of her busy schedule to have fun with kids 10 years younger than her. She always made that a special time that I would always looked forward to. Every time I saw her, she would always have a beautiful smile on her face. You knew that all of her smiles were real and genuine. She was full of love and thoughtfulness. Her beauty radiated from the inside and outside. She was everything I always want to be.

One terrible day Jennifer was out jogging on her first day of spring break when a dump truck hit her. I will never forget the day that the news came that Jennifer had died. On that day Ms. Krug lost her only daughter, Kevin lost his only sister, and I lost one person that I always looked up to as a “sister” and friend.

About a year later, Ms. Krug took out a few of her close friends and their younger daughters. At dinner she gave each of us young girls one of Jennifer’s rings. Later my mom told me that there was something extra special about my ring. It was a mother-daughter ring and Ms. Krug still had the mother ring. I hold that ring very close to my heart. Every time I look at it I think of Jennifer and the wonderful person she was. I know she is looking down from heaven at me and everyone else.