Tuesday, August 15, 2006

before i forget

i have to get these things down before they become that thought that I can't quite remember:

#1 - last night as jason was preparing for his weekly tennis match with my dad and his dentist he mentioned to Piper that he was getting ready to leave for tennis with Grandpaw and could she pray for him that he beats grandpaw and mr. rick (the dentist). So Piper "lays hands" on Jason's shoulders, bows her head, closes her eyes and prays,

"GOD! please help daddy to beat grandpaw and that other guy at tennis tonight...amen."

funny thing is, he did beat them...ask and you shall receive.

#2 - tonight at dinner Piper says -

"DAD! do you see my bookmark?"

"what Piper?"

"my bookmark, Dad, do you see it, my bookmark?"

"your bookmark? what bookmark?"

"on my arm, right here, my bookmark!"

"Oh, yes, I see your birthmark right there on your arm"

"yeah, my bookmark"

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