Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

So, I decided to tag myself because I want to answer this meme:

four jobs I've had
1. File slave in my dad's pediatrics office
2. Do-all at a pharmacy chain
3. Nanny
4. Kindergarten teacher

four movies I could watch over and over
1. Pretty in Pink
2. Love Actually
3. Almost Famous
4. grease 2 (don't ask me why)

four places I have lived
1. merritt island, florida
2. tallahassee, florida
3. and merritt island, florida again
4. that's it

four tv shows i love
1. the office
2. grey's anatomy
3. project runway
4. gilmore girls
5. injustice

four places i've vacationed
1. st. croix (hated it)
2. turks and caicos
3. curacao
4. costa rica

four of my favorite dishes
1. chicken fried rice
2. vegetable pad thai
3. reshmi kabobs
4. coconut shrimp

four sites i visit daily - only the tip of the iceberg
1. marketingshift
2. flickr
3. celebrity baby blog
4. don't wreck your head

four places i'd rather be right now - all including my girls and hubby
1. beaches of curacao
2. beaches of the bahamas
3. beaches of the turks
4. any beach where it is sunny and warm and i am skinny

so, if you feel so inclined you can tag yourself.


Jason Dowdell said...

I wish I could consider Costa Rica a vacation. A honeymoon in which we almost get mugged, eaten by sharks, malled by a giant sea ray and unable to communicate with anyone, is not all that much fun. Thank God we were together cause I don't think I would've made it back alive.

I have a question, what's a meme?

amy said...

okay, i blame you.

my guilty pleasure is People Magazine. now i have another: CELEBRITY BABY BLOG! who knew such a site existed?

thank you! :-)