Wednesday, February 01, 2006

She's not a baby anymore

Piper is 3!!! It has been a gradual aging over the past few weeks as she has become not the eager-to-please 2 year old she once was, but the independent and spirited little girl who is "three years old, mama."

The party was a success on all accounts and I think that everyone had fun. We rented a big bouncy castle and painted flowerpots and planted strawberry plants and ate cake and opened presents, meeting all the requirements of a birthday party. I don't think there were any tears and Piper was an excellent hostess.

Last night was our little family party. It's like we spend a whole week celebrating birthdays in this family. I think Piper got more presents last night just from us and her grammy and grandpaw than she did at her party with her friends!

She's three. I am still wrapping my head and heart around that fact. What I want for her is all the extraordinary things about life to be hers. I want her to feel special and unique and loved and safe. I am so in love with this little girl...Her laugh, her smile, her singing, even her pouting.

What she doesn't know is that on her birthday, I was the one who received the gift...the gift of this perfect little girl. She is amazing, my bug.

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Beth said...

That was beautiful, especially the last part.