Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bug and Birdie and Pajama Pants

Happy Valentine's day everyone! We had a lovely day here...Jason took Piper on a date to the movies and then we had a delicious dinner and the girls received their gifts from me which had me working late into the night the night before. Jason and I were talking later about how we view this hloiday after having children and how our feelings have shifted from a romantic love on Valentine's Day to a more all-encompassing love for our family and friends. Piper, however, focused on her love of candy and desserts.

Pajama pants for Jason

A love-bug for my Bug

Sweet birdie for my Birdie


Beth said...

Happy Valentines Day!! Those are adorable, great job!!

Jason Dowdell said...

I can't say that I exercised much restrain in keeping Piper from enjoying her love of candy after the movie... man she was like a candy monster.