Wednesday, February 22, 2006


this is a gift for one of Piper's friend's birthday. An art smock made from canvas and cotton pockets (kind of lame fabric, I know...but I wasn't about to cut up my primo stash for this, selfish, i know). In the pockets are some watercolor pencils, oil pastels, paintbrushes, and also some watercolor paper to complete the package. The smock sewed up pretty quick and easy although binding is not my friend.

Piper making her modeling debut...the front

and the back

Also, a monster for Piper's friend Logan, hence the "L" on his tummy. He is flannel with felt and hand embroidered. Accompanying him was the book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster.

And another monster for Piper's friend Caiden. His favorite color is orange so he got a recycled Boppy pillow recovered in orange soft fleecy stuff. His eyes are felt and hand embroidered. He was accompanied by the book, Wiggle.


Jen said...

Super cute smock! Did you use a pattern for that? I am not a fan of binding either, I just don't have the patience!

Beth said...

You are very crafty! I love the "little monsters"!