Thursday, February 16, 2006

I shot the sheriff

oh my goodness. Did you know that I use to be funny? I was perusing my archives and i thought, "did I actually wirte that? because i don't remember being that funny." i think it was the sleep depravation that comes along with a newborn and cracked bleeding nipples, because i obviously was delirious.

speaking of nipples, today at labschool as Piper and I were going to the art room to pick up her projects, we passed theblock room where one of the other mothers was breastfeeding her 3 year old. Yes, 3 year old. Now, I am all for the breastfeeding and such and I am actually still nursing Finley who is 15 months, but occasionaly and on no particular schedule and she isn't 3. It was just uncomfortable. I told myself not to judge, really, I did tell myself that, but you know...she's 3.

By the way, if you live around here where people stop to take pictures of the "Welcome to Cocoa Beach" sign (yes, i saw people doind this today on the side of the road) you should know that there is a local who is somewhat famous for being cooky. You may have met him. He is The Sheriff of Cocoa Village. He is dressed all in black a la Johnny Cash and on his lapel is a shiny gold plastic badge that he will point out as he introduces himself as "Howdy, I'm the Sheriff of these parts. Hold on to those children sos nothin happens to 'em." Right.

Well, we happened to run into The Sheriff in our local mall but he had abandoned his black ensemble although still wearing a cowboy hat and when we saw him he was holding out a bear in his hand. Without a word, he moved from person to person with a wide creepy grin and if you unfortunately made eye-contact he pressed the bear's paw which started a chain reaction of singing and wiggling (from the bear) and giggling (from The Sheriff). Yeah. ok. right.

My advice on how to deal with The Sheriff? Play along, it is way more fun.

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Jason Dowdell said...

I wonder what's worse, the crazy sheriff of Cocoa Village or the Mayor of Cape Canaveral. I mean you expect the sheriff to be nuts cause he's not really a sheriff but you don't expect the Mayor of Cape Canaveral to smoke pot and then come to your office and breath all over your face.

Hmm, maybe they're related.