Friday, January 27, 2006


I've decided to participate in my first swap and I am so excited. It's a wonderful idea created by Molly and we will be swapping things to make the cold rainy dreary days of winter a little bit warmer. What's great about this swap is that involves our children. Everything we send will be homemade witht the help of the bug and the bird. I already have a list going in my head that I need to get down on paper so that I don't forget anything.

In other news, Piper's birthday party in on Saturday but is in jepordy of being cancelled due to a 103.5 fever that sprouted up Wednesday night/Very early Thursday morning. Poor girl, no other symptoms so we'll have to see how she does today to determine the fate of the party that I have already spent a good chunk of change on (how nice to end in a preposition)
(well not anymore).

Oh and Finley fell down the stairs on Sunday. The whole flight of stairs. She busted he lip and that's it, not another scratch on her but I was on concussion watch the whole rest of the day and night.


Beth said...

Your mini swap sounds like a great idea! Is there is sign up sheet?

shannon dowdell said...

if you click on the link in the sidebar it should take you to the blog that is hosting the swap although I think she might have closed the sign-up already :( Maybe next time?

Beth said...

Is Saturday Piper's actual birthday? Shawn's birthday is on the 3rd but we are having his party on the 4th..the same Saturday you are having Pipers. How old will she be?