Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Favorite Things

It's time for another Favorite Things post:

It's been a rough month but we leave for vacation in 3 days so that more than makes up for the difficult times.

1. ANTIBIOTICS! for me! for Jason! for the girls! Come on - everybody's doing it!

2. Flylady : she is changing my life one "zone" at a time.

3. Our coffeemaker: I did not become a grown up until I started needing coffee every morning.

4. Strep throat: although it has not been pleasant each of the 3 times I've gotten it, it has done wonders for my's the new fad diet!

5. Dinner and lunch with 2 different great couples that we actually think we could be friends with because they are not weird.

6. Reality TV: Brat Camp, Property Ladder, Miami Ink, Million Dollar Agents, What Not To Wear

7. DVR: Digital Video Recorder...without this, these reality shows would not be on the list of favorite things

8. These onesies for twins since they are in my near future ( a niece and nephew)

9. The Wootini from Outback goodness

10. This website


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