Wednesday, July 13, 2005

3 strikes




Why are these dates significant? These are the th
ree, yes three, times that I have tested positive for strep throat. I have been on now three different antibiotics and if this next round doesn’t work, I may have to have my tonsils removed which I am told is not the pleasant experience of all ice cream that it is when you are a child.

So I will be taking these pills three times a day
for ten days and then another antibiotic once a day for 30 days which means I will be on meds for 40 DAYS!


On a brighter note…we leave for our family vacat
ion in 10 days. We are staying in a lake house in North Carolina with all of my family for a week.

We will be boating and fishing and wakeboarding and maybe get to go white water rafting which is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide web, I mean world.

More fun will be the time we spend with each other playing cards, telling stories and making dinner. We will be separated from the stresses of work and deadlines and be able to relax and breathe.

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