Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pink Toes

As is their custom, Jason was painting Piper's toes this afternoon because he is going out of town for the week and they had an interesting conversation:

Jason: Hey Piper, what are you eating?

Piper: UUHHHMMMMM...a booger? My booger daddy, my booger.


Unfortunately, Piper has developed a mysterious fever and no other symptoms as of yet...we'll see what the future holds. Should be an interesting week without Jason! He'll be having just an awful time in San Jose, California going out to dinner (with no babies), going to baseball games (with no babies), and all that other horrendous stuff. I feel so sorry for him, especially since he is going to miss the throwing up and diarrhea stages of what is sure to be an action packed week of sickness!

Honestly though, he is speaking at a conference for the Kelsey group and will be blogging about it all week so you should definitely check it out...I know he will miss us and we will miss him too.

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Jason Dowdell said...

add to that the fact that I was able to sleep last night without having to get up and calm Finley or walk the dog and I had brekfast delivered to my room and you have the makings of a nightmare! What an awful way to start a trip...

Well honey, I guess this means you'll have a trip like this coming soon as well. Vacation should be nice but I'm definitely gonna have to take you to a nice hotel... you know, one with room service and everything. No babies, I promise!

I love you and miss you very much. Give Piper and Finley hugs and kisses from daddy.

P.S. Can you please teach Zoe and Wingnut how to use the toilet? Would make life much easier if we didn't have to let the pets out to poop.