Thursday, April 28, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane

Did I mention that we are leaving to go on vacation on Friday afternoon? We are going to paradise and my dad promised me that he would watch the girls so I can take a nap. There will be no cell phones and no laptops, but water that is clear and this beautiful shade of color that is not done justice in pictures. I am so ready for this. I want to drink up the sun and toast my skin and love on my family.

There is an aquarium where we are staying and a sea lion that walks around with a trainer like a dog. We will snorkel (because I am too chicken to scuba) and swim in our "baving soups."

I promise to take lots of pictures and let all my stress melt away. It's funny because I feel this enormous pressure to make the vacation "perfect" and I am stressing about crazy, right?

Well, both of the girls are napping and so I should pack.

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