Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Hubba Hubba Hubby!

Happy Birthday to Jason!

Today is Jason's birthday and so Piper and I made him a special dessert that I cannot reveal until he has seen and tasted it. However, I will say it is not quite the color it should be thanks to Piper. I guess she has to put her unique touch on everything.

Yesterday I took both of the girls shopping at the mall for Jason's gifts. I decided to keep Finn in the stroller so Piper was on her own. Big mistake. BIG. HUGE.

I think that actually it is Hallmark's fault for putting all those cutesy figurines (that you only buy for your children's teacher) (which she or he then sells in a garage sale) anyway...they put the most fragile and breakable things right at the eye level of a newly 2 year old free to roam anywhere and touch, or pick up and throw as the case may be. It isn't Piper's fault that the lighting makes the stupid things all sparkly and enticing even though they may be little trolls or something. So, there I am in a power struggle with Piper (and getting the evil eye of the sales people) trying to get her to put down the fairy thing, while I'm holding Finn on my hip like a sack of potatoes and I notice something wet and smelly. Yup, Finley had pooped all over herself, again.

We did make it home alive. Now, Piper has started some weird nap thing where she only sleeps for like 45 minutes and then wakes up screaming and I go up and sing her a song and put her back down, and the whole process starts all over again but in decreasing intervals. Any ideas? Anyone?

Today we were at the park and all these other moms with their "angels" showed up and it turns out it was a playgroup and an organization at that. The Mom's Club, I was informed meets every week for a playdate and one night a month and plans mom's night out and dad's night out (what about mom out with dad on a date night out?). Seems like a good group although I guess it could be a cult or something. It's worth a shot and Piper made a new friend.

We will be getting Piper's "Big Girl Room" ready this weekend for her to move to her big bed. I do not want to buy another crib and Finley is almost too big for her bassinet...she turns herself sideways and kicks her feet up on top of the edge. We'll see how it goes.

Again, I want to with my husband Jason a happy birthday. I am glad that you were born because nobody could ever love me like you love me, even when I nag. Jason, you are special and extraordinary. I love you.


Garrett French said...

haha! I'm getting more ideas for my bug tshirt... ;)
I still would like to hear your thoughts on the designs... also I've had another brain storm on how to draw them, more logo-like.

I'll send you something soon.

And THANK YOU for the kentucky tshirt. I love that state and I wear the shirt proudly.


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