Thursday, February 03, 2005

31 Reasons why Jason ROCKS!!

Today is Jason's 31st birthday so here are 31 reasons why he ROCKS!:

1. He is HOT
2. He is smart and clever
3. He works so I can stay home with the kids...traditional but so romantic
4. Sometimes he takes his adderall
5. Sometimes he doesn't take his adderall
6. He is Piper and Finley's favorite playmate
7. He is my favorite playmate
8. He loves his family
9. He used to get my pills for me before bedtime when I was taking something
10. He was scared to death the day we got married
11. He loves to surf
13. He got me pregnant twice so I could have two beautiful girls
14. He makes up silly songs
15. He gives me the tingle
16. He might not always get it right, but he tries
17. He is a former soccer player and soccer players are HOT
18. He gets milk in a sippy cup for Piper in the morning
19. He makes me a better person
20. He hasn't taken the christmas tree out to the curb for the trash yet
21. He is kind of geeky and geeks are HOT
22. He says he doesn't care about celebrity gossip, but he watched Entertainment Tonight w/me 23. He kisses really good
24. He gets me to loosen up
25. He can't cook
26. He'll wear the same pair of pants for a week and not get on to me about the laundry
27. He lets me keep the thermostat at 70 at night when we are sleeping
28. He likes McDonald's too
29. He tells me I look good when I really really don't
30. He is an amazing father
31. He is my missing puzzle piece.

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