Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Favorite Things

Ok, so the other favorite things were things that I've been looking at since I've been confined to the bed or the couch and occasionally passing on the way to the bathroom.

Here's another list of more recent favorite things since I am beginning to return to theland of the living although I had to leave church this morning because I could not stop coughing. Seriously, I think I coughed for 20 minutes straight to the point where people were asking me if I could breathe.

1. Ta-Da! My bike. It is the most awesome bike ev-ah. When I was little I wasn't allowed to ride my bike around the neighborhood because it wasn't safe enough for my mother so i never really learned how to ride a bike. This is a perfect example of ignorance causing fear. It wasn't until we were in Birmingham last year visiting my brother when i saw how much fun the girls had riding around in one of those trailer things on the back of the bike. We were going to get bikes and we just never got around to it until this Christmas. So, Jason and I got bikes. I got an Electra Townie. It is kind of like an old lady bike but I love it. It is a cruiser and I just cruise. We ride up to the local park that is right next to our neighborhood tha has soccer fields and tennis courts and a playground and across the street is the other part of the park that has anohter playground and ison the water and usually has people windsurfing or kite-boarding. It is just so perfect. Thanksto my Sean and Susan (my bro and sis-in-law) for helping me pick it out and watching the kids while we test drove. More pictures here. She's cute, no? It originally came with a gray and black seat and the bike guy thought I was nuts for wanting to put the daisy seat on her but she turned out purdy.

2. Family bike rides. We played "Family tennis" on Saturday afternoon. interesting. We usualy bring a soccer ball and play soccer which Piper is showing some talent (amazes me since I suck at soccer, but Jason is good and that's oneof the things that is so hott about him).

3. Dairy Queen. We all went together on Firday night and it was fun. Something special to share together.

4. Did I tell you i got a new sewing machine for Christmas? My Bernie! She rocks!

5. Date night with the hubby. We've recently seen some really good movies: Children of Men: intense but really good, Casino Royale: first Bond mvie I've seen and I loved it!, the exception? The Holiday: hated it, hated it, hated it,love Kate Winslet, hated the stupid sappiness unrealisticness but then again it is a movie?

Happy now? That is the bike.

interesting projects using magnetic and chalkboard paint this weekend, hhmmm.


Susan said...

Yes. . . we're happy now. I drool over it everytime I look at the pictures (which is 12 times and counting). Maybe Sean will get me another one for my birthday. . bwahhaha!

Beth said...

I LOVE the bike! Going to have to talk my husband into getting me one! He has been wanting a bike (because he used to be sponsored for trick riding) he wants to get back out there and ride and do tricks again so maybe I can pull a "I'll get you your bike if you get me a bike" routine! LOL!! :-)