Monday, January 15, 2007

apples and bananas... in this case

pretzels, apples, cheesy bunny crackers and bananas. a little snack for us girls while I try to figure out where Piper is going to go to school...

it's a very good thing that I have another year left to decide.


Beth said...

Are you looking forward to the day when both girls are in school or are you dreading the very thought!?

I remember the first "attempt" at putting Shawn in school. It was horrible. He was miserable, I was miserable! He would wake up crying every morning because he didn't want to go and come home crying because it was too long. Eventually we had to pull him out. In the end it worked out for the best but boy was it heartache while it lasted. I hope your expierence much more enjoyable for both your sakes!!

Kellie said...

You have a TON of choices. If we move back here, Jagger will probably go to Holy Trinity.