Wednesday, November 15, 2006 flies

so, does it seem like Thanksgiving is early this year? I had all these grand plans to make some things to decorate the house and then well, Thanksgiving is next week so it seems pointless now, I need to start on with Christmas projects!

But it will have to wait until after this weekend. Baby shower and another birthday party and jason is out of town right now and Finley dropped a cup of red gatorade from our second story that tumbled and exploded all the way down not missing any opportunity to wash the walls, stairs, floor, furniture in its red stickiness. Some drops even made it into the dining room from the force of the fall. Nice.

So, Christmas projects:

Advent stockings - one for each day until Christmas? or new years?
Tree skirt
actual proper stockings for each of us that reflect our personalities
gifts gifts gifts- another list entirely

that's all i can let my head wrap around at this point.


I love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday, I'm just not feeling real thankful now that every time I walk down the hall my shoes stick to the tile and make that sound, do you know that sound? the sticky sound een after i have mopped the floor numerous times.


Random Thoughts said...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner either. It seems like the years are just going by faster each and every year. Or maybe it's because we are grown up's now! Ha! I remember being little and it taking a week FOREVER to go by! Now full years go by in a few short blinks of an eye!

Jason said...

Laurie and I were just talking about this the other day. It seems like we're a month behind... I think it is because our Home Depot had Christmas trees out a month ago... I don't know... but it sure has snuck up on us this year!

You know... that sticky sound when you walk across the floor after a hundred moppings? Well, try hot-hot-hot water - no soap - nothing... sometimes that sticky sound is actually the build up from the cleaner after those 100 moppings.

Works for me... yes... I've actually mopped the floor.

Talking about thankfulness... try this one on... as I write this Seth (3 yrs) is taking all of the paper from our shredder and making a pile... you know... the kind that looks like the leaves you rake up in the fall and jump in... and there he goes... kick... jump... fly... flop... jump... throw... toss...

I love children... don't you?