Thursday, November 30, 2006

somethin new

I have decided for themonth of December, which starts tomorrow (I can't believe it, can you, tomorrow is DECEMBER 1ST!) that I am just going to be posting a picture a day. I've seen this done around blog land and i also want to work on my skills at picture-taking, which aat this point are non-existent and so i have no where to go but up.

There is a fury of activity going on in my "sew-office" as the girls like to call it and I'm sure some of the finished projects will be the main characters of the photos. Also, what a great time of year to just look and feel with that sense without words or explanations you are free to make up your own story about the pictures and the scene.

What I am having difficulty wioth right now is Christmas shopping. Most of my friends are "done" and I haven't even started. Honestly I don't know where to begin. I am so over toys and commercialism and the girls don't watch tv so there isn't any of the "I want that!" after seeing a commercial. I don't know what the cool must-have toys are and i don't really care. This Christmas seems to be shaping up to be a thoughtful simple Christmas more about the traditions we share than the gifts we receive. The problem with that is that I love to give gift, i guess we'll see how this all plays out.

ok, so starting tomorrow, pictures, and feel free to join me, maybe we could start a flickr group or something?

and also, the Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas is my holiday sound track this year, love it!


Kellie said...

I think I am will join you on the picture thing.

I was thinking of doing that also, but just wasn't sure when.


Random Thoughts said...

I like the picture a day idea as well.

Maybe I will join in on the fun too!

I'm right there with you on commercialism! I hate it!

Ashley said...

I love the picture idea too, I will join in if I can remember!