Wednesday, November 08, 2006


better late than neverr, the girls in their halloween finery...Alice and the Cheshire Cat

And now on to planning Fin's birthday party that is this Saturday, entertaining 18 2-4 year olds can't be that difficult, right?


sprkels said...

18? You are crazy!!! You are an awesome mom shannon.

The girls look so cute. Did you make the costumes? You did a fabulous job!

shannon dowdell said...

I did make the costumes, and I started like 3pm the day before so they are not my best work. And as far as having 18 kids, I invited her labschool class and then siblings so, yeah, crazy.

Random Thoughts said...

I agree you are a crazy girl! But I bet it is going to be such a fun time for both the girls!